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Affordable Worldwide Health Travelquality_health_travel_tourism_patientQuality Health Travel provides the following for those contemplating overseas medical treatment.

  • Assistance to choose the best medical facility and destination for your particular requirement .
  • Direct contact with a specialised field physician .
  • Assistance with documentation for registration and medical procedures.
  • Appointments and treatment schedules.
  • All travel arrangements for clients and their companions to and from their home base.
  • Pre and post treatment touring arrangements.

In many cases, affordability is not the only factor affecting the choice of an overseas medical visit.  Immediate availability and treatments not available at home are other reasons as well as the various permutations presented to those that are insured, underinsured and, of course, uninsured.

Quality is of the utmost priority when dealing with health.

Cheaper pricing does not mean low quality.  Why?

  • In some countries pricing is evaluated on high labour-related costs, administrative expenses and insurance contractual obligations.
  • This can account for up to two-thirds of hospital costs.
  • In countries where these factors do not dominate pricing there are still internationally accredited medical facilities.
  • Their standards are maintained by internationally recognised accreditation such as JCI and JCAHO.
  • These offer value for money and affordable procedures.
  • Physicians, surgeons and nursing staff also meet rigorous, high international criteria.

At such facilities private deluxe rooms, international cuisine, internet access and immediately available procedures are the norm.

Travel is essential to take advantage of such services and while, for many, treatment is the main priority, others take the opportunity to add affordable minor treatments to an exotic holiday destination.

Countries such as Thailand are high on the Quality Health Travel agenda so health check ups, optical treatments, dentistry and wellness programmes can become an added bonus to an exotic vacation.

The growth of Medical Tourism is well documented and Quality Health Travel is a service provided by established individuals in the international medical and tourism professions to ensure and deliver peace of mind, satisfaction and quality to those choosing overseas health treatments.

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Contact a Quality Health Travel Consultant Today!  Phone, email us at, or use the form on our contact page.

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